Casey Davenport

Reconnections Case Manager

Originally from the east coast, Casey began her journey as an artist. She attended The University of The Arts in Philadelphia, PA where in 2015 she received her BFA in Multidisciplinary of Fine Arts as well as a concentration in Art Therapy. For one year, Casey taught art to adults with developmental disabilities and was inspired by how impactful the creative process was helping individuals express their behavioral and emotional difficulties. Not long after, Casey found herself at Drexel University and in 2018 she received her Masters in Art Therapy and Counseling. Before moving to California, Casey worked at Promises NJ where she utilized therapeutic approaches with adults of all ages who lived with substance abuse/co-occurring illnesses. Additionally, she worked at the Women Veteran Center and the Veterans Multi-Service Center in Philadelphia, PA. Here she customized and facilitated a unique individual/group art therapy sessions utilizing Trauma Informed Techniques for homeless veterans and their families. Not only was Casey running therapeutic session, she was also a social justice and social action advocate for her clients. Before leaving the Women Veterans Center Casey was given the opportunity to curated Philadelphia’s “I Am Not Invisible” black and white portrait series, accompanied with their stories good and bad about how their life has been affected after their military service. In this series of portraits, Casey highlighted women veterans who represented all different branches of service, eras, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, ethnic background and a range of physical mobility. Inspired by the power of art, Casey continues to help individuals through the creative processes to heal and to feel empowered.

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