Matt Nelson, Treasurer

Matthew Nelson and his family have been very involved in providing a safety net to orphaned and homeless children/adolescents for over a decade. As Chief Operating Officer and CFO of an apparel manufacturer, Matthew has spent 15 years overseeing thousands of employees, many of whom are in 3rd world countries. From Mexico to China to Bangladesh, Matthew has worked on the ground to build operations that are efficient and profitable, but unique to many oversea operations, are a safe and fair place for employees to work.  

Matthew, in conjunction with the Distressed Children & Infants International, opened the Sun Child Home in 2010 to provide safety, housing, nourishment, and development to homeless children in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Matthew proudly joins efforts with SPY as a Board member to help provide hopeful futures to our local youth.

Prior to his manufacturing career, Matthew spent 14 years as an investment banker and specialized in mergers & acquisitions. In addition to being on the Board of SPY, Matthew has been an advisor to the Distressed Children and Infants International and serves on the Board of PL Industries and three of its subsidiaries.  

Matthew holds a bachelor’s degree from Colgate University, an MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA, and is a licensed CPA in California.