Case Management

Safe Place for Youth believes that all young people have potential for personal growth. For homeless youth to exit the streets, achieve personal changes and improve their future prospects, they need ready access to respectful, harm reduction and trauma informed individualized support. Working from a holistic, relationship-based approach and building on a young person’s strengths, case management plays a key role in the continuum of care to meet the physical, psychosocial and support needs of our vulnerable youth.


At Safe Place for Youth, our Case Management team works with youth to develop individualized plans to address short and long-term goals towards greater stability. Services include housing assistance to enter emergency shelter, transitional living, or permanent supportive housing, applying for identification documents, receiving access to health services, parenting and prenatal care, and extended guidance in decisions on stable housing, family reunification and drug rehabilitation. 

Housing support

The City of Los Angeles and Los Angeles County has recently made a significant investment in measures to reduce homelessness.  The primary initiative focused on transitional age youth (18-25 years) is Rapid Re-housing.  The Rapid Re-housing program gives assistance in locating housing and provides financial support and case management for the first 6-12 months. Safe Place for Youth is working closely with St. Joseph Center to ensure our youth can have access to these resources and have permanent housing. 


Pregnant and Parenting

Safe Place for Youth has a case manager dedicated to working with the youth who are pregnant, parenting, preparing to be a parent, or want to take preventative steps.  The Pregnant and Parenting program provides, in addition to case management, support with benefits, maternity clothes, baby clothes and supplies, training workshops, and special classes. In 2015, 29 pregnant and parenting youth received care and support through Safe Place for Youth’s Case Management program.


Family Reunification

The Family Reunification program is a part of our Case Management services, providing an opportunity for youth experiencing homelessness, ages 18-25, to return home to a safe, supportive environment. Our Case Management team works one-on-one with individual youth and their families to establish safe and appropriate reunification by counseling the young person and their family to address the problems that caused them to leave home. The goal of this strengths-based approach is to improve the youth’s home-life situation so they can return to a supportive environment. Once the reconnection has been made, we determine a course of action, including travel logistics, resources within the community they are returning to, and a follow up plan once the young person is reunified with their family or supportive adult. Over the past year, 41 homeless youth were able to exit the streets and reconnect with a family member or supportive adult through this program.