Alison Hurst

Founding Executive Director


Rachel Stich

Deputy Director


Sophia Frontino

Director of Programs


Nicole Wainwright

Director of Operations


Susette Abbas, Clinical Programs Manager, email Susette

Emily Alford, Garden Program Manager, email Emily

Adam Arce, Healing Arts Peer Navigator, email Adam

Taris Auberry, Garden Peer Navigator, email Taris

Becky Avila, Grants Manager, email Becky

Sarah Boehmke, Senior Access Center Manager, email Sarah

Jamila Branch, Access Center Case Manager, email Jamila

Debora Choi, Education Specialist, email Debora

Lauren Clement, Roots to Grow Case Manager, email Lauren

Reggie Cooper, ABH Site Supervisor, email Reggie

Casey Davenport, Reconnection Case Manager, email Casey

Mischa DiBattiste, YCES Regional Manager, email Mischa

Carina Dominguez, Pregnant and Parenting Coordinator, email Carina

Dana Eliassen, Operations Manager, email Dana

Jeanine Espejo-Watkins, Member Services Manager, email Jeanine

Sarah Fay, Campus Peer Navigator, email Sarah

Helen Folgar, Innovations Peer Navigator, email Helen

Melissa Gonzalez, Employment Specialist, email Melissa

Andrew Gutierrez III, Host Homes Program Coordinator, email Andrew

Allie Haber, Mentorship Coordinator, email Allie

Joey Janowski, Health and Wellness Counselor, email Joey

Steven Johnson, ABH Support Worker, email Steven

Sahar Khundimiri, Volunteer Manager, email Sahar

Dan Kipnes, YCES Manager, email Dan

Sharon Lerman, Meals Coordinator, email Sharon

Olga Lopez, Housing Program Manager, email Olga

Kayla McCormack, Development and Communications Associate, email Kayla

Anne McGregor, Marketing and Communications Manager, email Anne

Dean Miya, Technology Manager, email Dean

Andrea Murray, Development Manager, email Andrea

Emily Novokmet, Access Center Case Manager Lead, email Emily

Sally Nowak, Access Center Associate, email Sally

Tierney O’Day, ABH Case Manager, email Tierney

Martel OkonjiSenior Program Manager of Equity, Empowerment and Youth Development, email Martel

Darla Planas, Pregnant and Parenting Peer Navigator, email Darla

Charles Rials, Outreach and Engagement Peer Navigator, email Charles

Rickey Robinson, ABH Education and Employment Specialist, email Rickey

Tony Rodriguez, Facilities and Maintenance, email Tony

Vanessa Romo, Site Coordinator, email Vanessa

Tanisha Saunders, Roots to Grow Resident Coordinator, email Tea

Chantel Spriggs, E & E Peer Navigator, email Chantel

Frederick Theus, ABH Case Manager, email Frederick

Sharrah Thomas, ABH Case Manager, email Shar

Jessica Torres Vicente, Development Associate, email Jessica

Leslie Toscano, Administrative Associate, email Leslie

Gary Tyler, Outreach and Engagement Support Worker, email Gary

Carlos Velasco, Health and Wellness Case Manager, email Carlos

Alisa Verdugo, Finance Associate, email Alisa