Andrew Gutierrez III

Host Home Program Coordinator

Born and raised in Stockton, California, Andrew brings over 7 years of professional experience working with youth and families who experience homelessness, identify as LGBTQ and/or people of color. Graduating from San Francisco State University in Business Marketing and Ethnic Studies, Andrew created the university’s first Queer and Trans Resource Center and began organizing with homeless LGBTQ youth in San Francisco’s historical Castro District. Andrew was accepted to UCLA’s Graduate School of Education, where he received his Masters in Education and has taught courses in Ethnic Studies and LGBTQ Studies for middle and high school students as well as at the university level in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Andrew specializes in creating curriculum, program development, and advocacy, which has allowed him to present at various conferences to service providers supporting homeless youth and families. Prior to this role, Andrew worked as a researcher with the University of Southern California (USC) exploring various solutions and housing models for homeless youth throughout the country. Today, Andrew manages SPY’s Host Home Program and the HOMIE mentorship program which allows community volunteers to take an active role in supporting youth who experience homelessness.