Donate Your Hobby.



Our Mission Statement

To empower young people experiencing homelessness to thrive by providing lasting, community-driven solutions that address racial and social inequity.

Our Vision

SPY is on a mission to end youth homelessness. Our trauma-informed and holistic approach supports and empowers unhoused youth in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

Sharing what you love with others is a way to empower and encourage those who need it most. So we’re calling on you — the meditators, gardeners, painters, and beyond to donate your hobby and make an impact through what brings you joy.



SPY Volunteer Audio Stories

SPY volunteers donate their hobbies to inspire, support, and empower youth across our city. Click to listen to their audio stories below.

Sah D'Simone

Spiritual guide and meditation teacher Sah volunteers his time at SPY by teaching meditation and breathwork.


“SPY has given true, genuine meaning to my life in a humble, honest way…it’s been an amazing gift to me.”

Sah on the connection between self-care and community care.


Amy Favat

Social activist and mentor Amy uses her organization hobby to provide clothing and other necessities to SPY youth. 


“To me, it’s very fulfilling to know that in my own very very small way, that I’m doing something in this massive, overwhelming issue.”

Amy explores the endless opportunities and options available for SPY volunteers.


Eric Junker

Artist, graphic designer, and USC professor Eric Junker donates his hobby of mural painting to unhoused youth at SPY.


“When you give to SPY or work with SPY, you know that the benefit is being directed to the people who need it in a very direct, tangible way.”

Eric discusses how working with SPY youth reaffirms his own belief in the power of the arts.


Do We SPY a Volunteer?  

Volunteers at SPY make meaningful change in the lives of LA youth who are at-risk or experiencing homelessness. Sharing what brings us joy inspires others, fosters community, and positively impacts us as people. Ready to donate your hobby?