Venice Family Clinic- Provides weekly on-site health services including health screenings, information and medical referrals, HIV testing, Hepatitis testing, SUMMIT substance use support, Connections to dental care.


 Venice Community Housing - We operate housing programs including Roots To Grow in partnership with Venice Community Housing.

LA County Department of Mental Health- Transitional Age Youth (TAY) Navigator attends Drop-In weekly, providing mental health information, support and linkages to community-based mental health services.

St. Joseph Center-  Provides weekly Rapid-Rehousing assessments onsite at SPY's Drop-In Center to ensure our youth have access to available permanent-supportive housing. 

Exceptional Children's Foundation- Provides mental health services through counseling, crisis stabilization, mediation, grief and loss support, and anger management.  

Los Angeles LGBT Center- Weekly, outreach staff from the LGBT Center join the Safe Place for Youth street outreach team as well as provide assistance during Drop-In hours to support and engage youth. 

UCLA Creative Minds Project- Connects UCLA undergraduate students through community service to facilitate creative arts therapy groups and drumming circles. 

Public Counsel- Provides a weekly legal clinic assisting with ticket clearing, legal advocacy and "Know your Rights" workshops

Animal Wellness Center, Marina del Rey- Provides monthly onsite veterinary services including emergency medical evaluations, wound care, vaccinations, nail trim, oral hygiene, de-worming, skin scrapes, eye evaluations, urine/fecal testing, antibiotics and medications. 

Karma Rescue- Provides monthly onsite pet-care information to youth who are interested in becoming or are already pet owners. They teach workshops on topics including simple training methods, healthy food options, and "at-home" medical practices.