Upcoming Events

April 21st - Systems Change Summit: Manifesting New Realities through Community Empowerment

Led by youth experts, Safe Place for Youth’s 2nd Annual Summit will prioritize community knowledge sharing and practical skill building to support the mental well-being of system-impacted young people.

Recognizing that not all young people have equal access to resources or the opportunity to harness their inner power, we are inviting young adults, service providers, and community stakeholders to collaborate and re-evaluate existing systems. Our goal is to generate more accessible pathways to activism and healing-centered practices. Conversations will strengthen youth connections to agency, bring more awareness to equitable measures, and foster solutions to support the holistic experiences of systems-involved youth.

This is a free event with a suggested donation of $50.

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Wednesday, March 22nd - Venice Youth Network Meeting

The Venice Youth Network (VYN) is a community meeting and space that allows unhoused youth, community members, business owners, volunteers, and faith-based organizations to meet and collaborate on how best to support our unhoused youth population. This Community meeting takes place on the last Wednesday of the month. This month's VYN meeting will take place via Zoom. All are welcome. To get involved or register to attend, please email SPY's Senior Manager Youth Policy & Advocacy at [email protected].

The focus for March's VYN Meeting will be two guest speakers from the NoHo Home Alliance who will make a presentation on the nature of their work and the overlap between being a service provider and taking meaningful advocacy action. There will also be a wide-ranging Women's History Month discussion by our team related to action items and mental health issues!