Iberia Calix

Director of Housing

Passionately driven to help bring information and resources to underserved communities, Iberia has worked with various populations and organizations over the past 13 years. Her journey into social services began as a crisis counselor and advocate at Peace Over Violence where she provided counseling to survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Dedicated to figuring out pathways for young adults to progress towards self-sufficiency, Iberia spearheaded the Youth Enhancement Services program and served on various committees, such as DEI and Crisis Prevention Intervention, while working at First Place for Youth. Iberia’s commitment to youth development and transformation through case management and social work expanded her desire to get involved with equity-centered program implementation and design. She brings extensive experience working with different sectors within the TAY population, including pregnant and parenting, extended foster care, human trafficking, and probation.

While earning her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, she taught introductory psychology at California State University Northridge and worked at the Mood Disorders Clinic. Working as a research associate for the Gambling Studies Program at The UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior strengthened her appreciation for research and using a data-driven approach when making decisions. Her collective experience led her to SPY where she serves as the Director of Housing.