Melissa Gonzalez

Education and Employment Specialist

Melissa has been with SPY for nearly 5 years, first as a volunteer, then as an intern, and now officially on staff. She is a native of Los Angeles and doesn't plan on living anywhere else.  She completed her undergraduate degree at California State University Dominguez Hills studying Criminal Justice and plans on furthering her education in mental health. Melissa has always enjoyed SPY's protective and welcoming environment as well as how provides a place for youth to decompress and encourages self care. She believes in always trying to make the best of situations and make people laugh - this often means herself. A few more fun facts about Melissa: she likes to find inventive ways to use coffee filters and fidget spinners, she has a subconscious fear of birthday cakes and balloons because she thinks they are filled with poisonous gas like in the old Batman TV show! Contact Melissa.