Mischa DiBattiste

Youth CES Regional Manager

Mischa is a young professional with a passion for making sustainable impact for individuals while affecting larger systems of inequality.  Originally from the East Coast, she moved to Los Angeles in 2011 to attend Occidental College where she received a BA in Critical Theory and Social Justice.  She believes that ignorance is at the root of violence against marginalized groups and see education, advocacy and direct service as fundamental vehicles to social justice.

She joined SPY’s team in 2015 where she has enjoyed applying her theoretical knowledge on the ground.  She has worked multiple positions at SPY, including Administrative Associate, Operations & Volunteer Manager, Drop-in Manager and now SPA 5 Youth CES Regional Manager.  Over that time, she has had the opportunity to watch and support SPY grow from a 10 person organization to one with over 60 employees.

In her current position, she is responsible for overseeing the Youth Coordinated Entry System on the Westside. She works with all SPA 5 YCES participating agencies to ensure that all staff are properly informed on system policies and tools, to assist effective and sensitive care collaboration and advocate for system changes that are youth friendly and inclusive. She has gained crucial insight from her diverse experience within the organization on non-profit management, innovative collaboration, system change +management, trauma-informed care and direct service with at-risk youth.

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