Natalie Flores Blackner

natalie1.jpgSPY Garden Community Coordinator

Natalie started gardening in Mar Vista through an organization called Transition Mar Vista, one of the awesome ways they helped battle individuals Co2 levels was by participating in "Good Karma Gardens" a pay it forward gardening program that brings community members together to help overturn lawns into edible landscapes . She fell in love with cultivating community through grass roots movements and started seeking more knowledge about horticulture in other countries. At 24 years old she decided to W.O.O.F her way through Central and South America. Through hands on learning she was as able to start her own organization and further her career . She lived in Maui working with special needs youth at 25 and decided to move back to California to finish her degree in Cultural Anthropology and Environmental Studies. Natalie considers herself extremely blessed to bee able to work in a garden setting and believes it to bee one of the best forms of therapy. Her favorite thing to say is "Bee a honey, plant a garden"