Donors like Adam and Geneva

“SPY is such an amazing and crucially important organization, and I’m so happy to be a small help in all the good works they do. From their street outreach in LA’s Westside, to their advocacy, policy work, and health & wellbeing and mental health support, the amazing team at SPY is dedicated not only to providing much-needed resources to those in immediate need, but also to broader social change and prevention. Now more than ever the work they do is so incredibly important, and while I wish there wasn’t a need, there is. And while there is, I’m glad to know that SPY is there - making a change and working toward a better future.”

 - Adam, SPY Supporter


“I first encountered SPY when they hosted one of United Way’s Everyone In events showcasing the work of various organizations addressing homelessness in LA. I immediately fell in love with the multi-faceted programs going on at SPY, from Healing Arts, to Mentorship, to Host Homes, and many more. In addition to my work on the NextGen committee supporting fundraising and advocacy efforts, I give monthly because I believe sustainable sources of funding are key to empowering SPY to continue to support young people in my community who are experiencing housing insecurity at a critical juncture in their lives. The staff at SPY inspire me every day to join the fight toward a more inclusive LA, and giving monthly is one small way of demonstrating that."

 - Geneva, SPY NextGen Member

A little goes a long way. To date, SPY’s active monthly donors have given OVER $20,000!