Ben Chiang

Ben Chiang was born and raised in the LA area and currently lives in Venice, where he experiences firsthand the outsized impact SPY has on the community. As a tech optimist, he sees many opportunities to use technology to help youth, particularly when they do not know what or whom to ask for help; however, he is also aware that technology is a tool that can do more damage than good when it does not properly consider the humans touched by these powerful tools.

This perspective has been formed over his 14 years working in technology startups as an investor, employee, and founder. He was the co-founder and CEO of Forma, which was sold to Snap Inc. where he served as a product executive. Previously, he launched Uber in China and served as General Manager in Beijing, and also worked as a venture capitalist at NVP and management consultant at Bain & Co.

Ben graduated from UCLA with a bachelor's degrees in Electric Engineering.

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