Dezaray Roebuck

Director of Housing

Dezaray Roebuck is a dedicated professional with over 15 years of experience in the field of housing subsidy, specializing in equitable change, creative solution towards affordable housing with an intensive case management approach and providing assistance to underrepresented and unhoused populations. Dezaray utilizes her past experience as a intensive case manager, program manager and director of programs, throughout various nonprofits to illicit and build upon change by creating new solutions and programs to address the housing crisis. Dezaray expertise lies in navigating the complex landscape of housing subsidies including government grants and private funders. 

By focusing on social and equitable change Dezaray has been able to put the Bachelors in Human Services and minor in Sociology she earned at California state university Dominguez Hills to good use. She has successfully spearheaded initiatives to increase the availability of affordable housing units, establish comprehensive case management systems and develop supportive services that address the unique needs of vulnerable populations. 

As a committed advocate for equal housing Dezaray believes in addressing the underlying systemic issues that contribute to homelessness and housing instability. When not working at SPY you can find her actively engaged with local communities and policymakers to raise awareness and advocate for policies that prioritize affordable housing and address the unique challenges faced by marginalized populations.