Eryn Scott

Director of of Access and Engagement

Eryn Scott is a compassionate and dedicated professional with a profound commitment to providing client-centered care, rooted in trauma-informed principles and harm reduction models. Eryn's journey in the field of social services reflects a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding trauma and a passion for fostering healing and resilience. Eryn, a seasoned professional with a passion for community service, first embarked on her social services journey as a dedicated case manager. Her commitment to fostering inclusivity and support for the LGBTQ+ community became evident during her impressive four-year tenure as a leader at the LGBT Center's access center. Eryn's dedication to harm reduction models of care is evident in her approach to program development and implementation. Her dedication to client care is not only evident in her professional roles but also in her advocacy for creating inclusive spaces that prioritize the mental and emotional well-being of individuals. Her multifaceted skill set, coupled with a genuine empathy for those she serves, positions Eryn as a leader in the field of social services, championing trauma-informed care and harm reduction models to create positive and lasting impacts on the lives of others.