Safe Place for Youth Continues to be a Haven for Young People

In November 2019, our partners at LensCo surveyed the youth who receive services at Safe Place for Youth. In total, 98 youth participated in the survey, each receiving a $10 gift card for their participation.

We’re thrilled by the results of the survey results, which spotlight young people’s voices in regard to the services offered at SPY. Some of the highlights from the survey include:

  • 96% of participants feel safe at SPY.
  • 81% of respondents reported developing at least one relationship with a supportive or positive staff or volunteer at SPY.
  • 95% of respondents know who to talk to at SPY to get support.
  • 99% reported that staff believed in their future capacity and success.

Young people who participated in the survey were able to provide, in their own words, what SPY provided to them. Here’s what some young people had to say”

“It’s a place where I don’t feel judged and like I’m doing something wrong.”

"SPY provides me with a home away from the streets and I love it here."

"SPY provides a safe comfortable space that is also friendly and resourceful"


"They provide caseworkers who can help me get to my next step in life. Showers, employment."

Read more about the survey from Lens Co.